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This all seems a bit strange

Greetings and Salutations, O great void of the internet. And Meghan, of course. This whole concept throws me for a loop...a journal is an inherently private thing, isn't it? A place to unburden oneself without the complications that arise from public discussion? Yet here I am, discussing matters with the aether.

The ocean is a lonely mistress. She cannot discuss literature or poetry or politics, not like my other, truer love. Forgive me for speaking so boldly of our affair, is hard to remove myself from the "privacy" of a traditional journal. And we are so very far apart...I sitting in the dreadful Parisian "Internet Cafe", you, I presume, safe in your home.

Nonetheless, it is comforting to realize that we are both connected by this singular service known as Livejournal...and of course, the stars as well.

My ship leaves port in two days, heading for Africa. I've no idea when next I'll be able to contact you, so please...comment if you can before then.

Yours Eternally,

Tags: loneliness, meghan, paris
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